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Gyprock Supaceil

Gyprock Supaceil is part of Gyprock’s standard range of premium quality plasterboards. It is specifically designed for use on internal ceiling linings - predominantly in residential applications - where no specific fire, acoustic or moisture resistant requirements are specified.

This plasterboard contains more plaster and unique stiffeners with fibreglass reinforcement for greater strength and sag resistance.

Gyprock Supaceil is not suitable where it would be in contact with water or for environments with a constant relative humidity above 90%. For wet areas, the following products would be more suitable:

Gyprock Supaceil is manufactured in Australia and accredited to Australian Standard AS2588 through SAI Global. The core incorporates patented Controlled Density (CD) technology and the heavy-duty face paper is an off-white colour.

Controlled Density Technology (CD)

Gyprock Supaceil is made up of a gypsum plaster core that is wrapped in heavy-duty linerboard paper with bonded edges. Controlled Density technology allows the board’s core structure to be manipulated. CD technology produces a core structure that is denser at the faces of the board with a gradual increase in aeration towards the centre of the core.

Controlled Density technology delivers a number of important benefits:

  • Higher density at the face of the plasterboard for greater strength
  • Reduced mass for a lighter weight board that’s easier to handle
  • Superior face paper to core bonding for superior score and snap properties

Controlled Density technology helps Gyprock set the benchmark for 'standard' plasterboard in the Australian market.

Product Options

Gyprock Supaceil is available in a thickness of 10mm and in widths of 1200mm and 1350mm. The long edges of both width boards are recessed for flush jointing and both are designed specifically for use in ceiling installations.

Because of the formulation of the core structure, this plasterboard will provide better resistance to the humid conditions that are experienced in many parts of Australia. It will stay flatter, even when installed on ceiling joists with 600mm centres. There is also less chance of fixings pulling through the board when extra pressure from above is applied such as can be the case with heavy ceiling insulation or when someone accesses the ceiling cavity.

Gyprock Supaceil also achieves superior sound isolation and is suitable for use in acoustic rated applications.

Typical applications:

  • Ceilings in residential buildings.


Manufactured For Life CD Technology Australian Standard Recycling

Gyprock products are manufactured for life with all CSR products designed to achieve optimal performance when part of a CSR integrated system.

Manufactured with greater strength, lighter weight and superior paper to core bonding for easier handling, better score and snap and premium quality.

Accredited against the Australian Standard AS2588 – Gypsum Plasterboard through SAI Global. All Gyprock products are manufactured to comply with Australian Standards.

Clean offcuts of Gyprock Supaceil® are suitable for the Gyprock Recycling service, where available.


Product Availability
Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm)
2400 2700 2740 3000 3600 4200 4800 5400 6000
Gyprock Supaceil
10mm 1200 Available

Available Available Available Available Available Available

Available Available Available Available

Plasterboard Manufacture

Gyprock Supaceil is manufactured to comply with AS/NZS 2588 Gypsum Plasterboard. Gyprock factories conduct regular testing under a Quality Management System complying with ISO 9001/2000.

Plasterboard Installation

AS/NZS2589: Gypsum linings – Application and Finishing outlines the procedures for the installation and finishing of Gyprock Supaceil in conjunction with additional details contained in Gyprock Technical Literature.

Levels of Finish

A Level of Finish sets out the minimum specifications for installation processes from framing preparation to painting and decoration. The levels are defined in AS/NZS 2589.1, and are intended to provide builders, installers and homeowners with defined methods and practices necessary to meet expectations in terms of the Level of Finish. They are not applicable to fire rated construction.

The level of finish should be specified prior to construction as it can be affected at different stages of construction and tolerances must be adhered to:

  • Frame construction
  • Plasterboard fixing and back-blocking
  • Plasterboard jointing and setting

A Level 3 Finish is for areas that do not require painting and decoration such as above ceilings and inside service shafts.

A Level 4 Finish is the generally accepted level for domestic construction

A level 5 Finish should be specified wherever gloss, semi-gloss or dark coloured paints are to be used, or where critical glancing light conditions are likely.

More information on Levels of Finish can be found in the Gyprock Residential Installation Guide

Painting and Decoration

Finishes applied to plasterboard surfaces can have a significant effect on the perceived quality of the installation, particularly where critical lighting conditions exist.

  • Textured or heavy patterned finishes tend to hide imperfections
  • Matt finishes minimise imperfection visibility
  • Semi-gloss and gloss finishes highlight imperfections
  • Light colours are less likely to show imperfections and impact damage

Gyprock recommends paint systems consisting of one coat of a plasterboard sealer followed by two coats of finishing paint. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application and recoating.

Gyprock recommend decoration in line with Master Painters Australia.

Manufacturing Tolerances
Nominal thickness 10mm ± 0.4mm
Nominal widths 1200 and 1350mm ± 3mm
Nominal lengths From 1200 to 6000mm ± 5mm, typically in 300mm increments
Squareness Cut ends + 3mm in the width of the board

Physical Properties
Board Weight 7.2kg/m2
Thermal Performance - R Values 0.04 – 0.05 m2K/W
Fire Hazard assessed to AS/NZS3837 cone calorimeter test Average Specific Extinction ​Area (ASEA) < 250 m2/kg
Group Number 1
Report Reference WFRA 45759
Combustibility In accordance with BCA Clause C1.12, Gyprock Supaceil may be used wherever a non-combustible material is required by the Code.

Material Safety


A Material Safety Data Sheet for Gyprock Supaceil is available from the Gyprock website.


For guidelines on the safe handling of Gyprock Supaceil reference should be made to the Gypsum Board Manufacturers of Australasia (GBMA) publication “Move it the GMBA Way – A Safe Manual Handling Guide for the Plasterboard Industry – Training Guide” (Reference SS172).​​

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